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Monday, 31 August 2009

A Bee Quilt?

Today's mail brought another treat from a fellow quilter and blogger in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Although Linda and I have met only "virtually" through the blogs, I do enjoy the very entertaining account of her activities she pens in her "Stitch Lines" . If you have been following along you will see that she has been cleaning out her parent's home and unearthing all kinds of treasures. Last week she emailed to say she had found a booklet entitled "Bees and How To Keep Them" dated 1937 and wondered if hubby and I would like to have it.
I've only have a quick glance through at this point but look forward to reading it more thoroughly this evening. So far it doesn't appear very much has changed in the approach. One of the pictures was rather intriguing though, as the caption reads "Removing Quilt". Sounds like I may have discovered a new excuse to make a couple of dozen more quilts!
Thank you Linda, for your thoughtfulness in sending the book.


  1. Ahh, That Linda is a good egg. So I've been following your bee stuff with interest also. Do you make bee quilts for the tops of your hives? I never heard of such a thing.

  2. You're very welcome Karen. I hope you and hubby enjoy looking/reading through it to see how things were done way back when.. and yes, I expect you'll have to make a special quilt for on top of each hive...haha