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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Maritime Beauty: First In!

Here's the first picture in from the Maritime Beauty workshop in Keswick Ridge a couple of weeks ago. Gail has done a very colourful, scrappy version which looks terrific. Its always fun to see the design sewn in different palettes and styles, and the personal stamp each quilter puts on her creation.
This week I finished up a 1/25th scale miniature quilt, packaged patterns, and began work on samples for the fall workshop on Log Cabin Diamonds (details and pictures to follow).
Hubby and I spent yesterday doing bee work; there's much to do this time of year getting the hives ready for their busy work season ahead.


  1. I was having a second look at my scrappy Maritime Beauty... I put the center together, differently as you put it. I would not say it was intentional. I would say it was a mistake... but that's ok. My next Beauty will be done as the pattern calls for!! Thanks again for the class...

  2. Oooh, Karen, I can't wait to see the Miniature...Are you going to show us a pic?

  3. Hi, Linda: I will post a picture of the miniature as soon as it is allowable. What fun I had making it!

  4. I saw Gail's work on her blog - it IS lovely. And the picture of your smoker brings back such memories of my grandfather's bees. I so love the smell of beeswax - it brings back such wonderful memories.