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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

More Beauties

Here's another Maritime Beauty, sent in by Sharon from Oxford, N.S. This was made for a Christmas gift, and she has chosen colours to match the recipient's home. Done with only two colours in the centre, this version has a very classy, uncluttered look.
Sharon had previously sent a picture of her first centrepiece; if you scroll down through the blog postings to December 10th, you will see that one. Shortly, I will have the pictures all collected and posted on Sew and Tell , but there are so many other fun things calling my name at present...including some new silk...
My own latest NYB still needs about a dozen blocks, and then I'll start to piece the borders. Naturally, I have left the most detailed blocks to the last, but it is coming nicely and has been a pleasure to stitch.
It's important for us to take breaks, and find time to play...

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