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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Beauty and Bounty Abound

Wonder of wonders...the persnickety sewing machine finally decided it wanted to play. This New York Beauty wallhanging has been stalled out for a couple of weeks, so I worked till late Friday getting as much done as I possibly could before the day ended. It still needs more quilting, but it was a relief to get this far. And what fun! I love how colourful this piece is.
Yesterday hubby and I checked the progress in the beeyard. The bees are having a wonderful summer; most hives have 3 honey supers and some are almost ready for another tier. It's going to be a busy fall getting all of that bottled. The hives are located in an apple orchard, and the fruit is quickly ripening (dare I say the fruit is coming to fruition?) Here is an August Apple:
In the home garden, our late variety clematis is in bloom, spilling over the railing on the back deck:

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  1. Your quilt piece is way too complicated for me, a beginner, but exceptionally beautiful in the way you've blended the colours.. I wonder what your clematis is? I live in southern MB,zone 2b or 3a or 4 if I'm really lucky and sheltered, so likely it's too mild a climate in NS for me to grow it.... thanks for a lovely website.